Covid-19 Update Oct25

New cases of covid per day in oldham

Oldham had 310 cases per 100,000 persons for the week ending Oct21
Manchester had 321
The national average for the period was 496

On July 19th all legal restrictions remaining for 'lockdown' conditions ended. (...more)

The Delta variant resulted in a large upturn in cases which may now have peaked and the new normal seems to be within a range of 90-120 new cases per day.

It should be noted that while no longer legally mandated most large stores & supermarkets will still require the wearing of face-covering inside, it's their choice and it makes sense. Meanwhile vaccinations and testing continue with 75% of Oldham adults having received 1 vaccination jab and 59% having received 2.

On 12th April we left a full National Lockdown, with non-essential shops, hairdressers and Pubs & Restaurants then open for outside dining,  with other restrictions due to be phased out over April-June. 

On May 17th restrictions were further released allowing greater mixing, gyms to reopen  and Restaurants to serve meals indoor, with distancing. Vaccinations continue and many in vulnerable categories will have received their second jab, which is just as well with new variants of the virus appearing, in particular the Delta variant first detected in India which has replaced the UK variant as the dominant strain in this country.

By mid-June the significant rise in cases due to the delta-variant caused the final date for full reopening due on June 21st to be delayed by 4 weeks to July19th allowing more vaccinations to take place before restrictions are removed.

Lockdowns were imposed due to the dramatic increase in cases occuring across the country for example during Oct-Nov 2020 and this is again the case. The effect of the last lockdown can be seen in the reduction of new cases during October and the consquent slowing of rate of increase in the total number of cases from mid-november. After a bump following the xmas-new year we can see reduction in cases, both due to the lockdown and as the effect of vaccination kicks in towards the end of February.


Graph of confirmed cases in Oldham and Manchester bsince April 2nd.Since April 2020 Oldham has recorded a total of 41,427 cases of the Covid-19 virus.

Sources NHS & Public Health England, ONS & BBC 

The latest advice from Public Health England and the NHS regarding the COVID-19 outbreak can be found here: Current NHS Advice

Latest info from oldham council: ►

No coming soon for now...

No coming soon for now, as the whole world's near future events have been cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 virus.

Oldham Festival of Light

Each Year Oldham Interfaith Forum shares and celebrates four faith festivals The Christian festival of Christmas, the Judiac festival of Channukah, the Muslim festival of Mawlid-an-Nabi and Deepawali (Divali) celebrated by Hindsu, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists.

The colourful event features presentations and performances by the different faiths participating which started with the lighting of candles representing the four festivals. This year activities included Indian Dance, an African Choir, Carol music from a Brass Band and an Interfaith Quiz.

more information and pictures at

My Three Angels - Lyceum Theatre

My Three Angels - by Sam & Bella Spewack & Albert Husson

20-30th November 2019

It is Christmas Eve in the tropics and Felix Dulay, a hopeless storekeeper, is fearfully awaiting the cruel shop owner.

In a twist of fate, only allowable around Christmas, three convicts with a desire to do good, drop in (literally) from above and find touching, funny and inventive ways to save the family and restore justice in time for Christmas Day.

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