Covid-19 Update Sep 18

There have been 59 new cases recorded in the last 24hrs.
Oldham had 113 cases per 100,000 people in the week 9 - 15 Sept.
The city of Manchester had 90.
The average across England for the same period was 16.

New cases of covid per day in oldham

Prior to the 2nd July  the daily increase in recorded cases in Oldham had been steady in single figures for 37 days. But the number of infections is rising once again - a trend visible thoughout Greater Manchester and some parts of Lancashire resulting in additional new restrictions to reduce the spread but just short of a full lockdown.
Latest info from oldham council: ►

A total of 3514 cases of the Covid-19 virus have been confirmed in Oldham to date.
Graph of confirmed cases in Oldham and Manchester bsince April 2nd.The RED line is the number of confirmed cases in Oldham.
The BLUE Line is the number for Manchester which has double the population of Oldham. 
Graph starts 2 April and is updated daily.

Sources NHS & Public Health England, BBC

The latest advice from Public Health England and the NHS regarding the COVID-19 outbreak can be found here: Current NHS Advice ►

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