Lyceum Theatre Oldham Season 2019-2020

  • Mr. Wonderful

    Lyceum Photo - Mr Wonderful

    20 – 28 September 2019

    Mr Wonderful - by James Robson

    Norma is growing old without growing up. She lives with her bedridden mother Phoebe who is on the verge of Alzheimer’s which makes her believe she’s the Queen Mother.

    Norma is trying to find her Mr Wonderful through a dating agency. After several hilarious and poignant attempts she meets Geoff, who seems to fit the bill until Norma finds out more about him and plots a lasting revenge …

  • My Three Angels

    Lyceum graphic - map  - My Three Angels

    22 – 30 November 2019

    My Three Angels - by Sam & Bella Spewack & Albert Husson

    It is Christmas Eve in the tropics and Felix Dulay, a hopeless storekeeper, is fearfully awaiting the cruel shop owner.

    In a twist of fate, only allowable around Christmas, three convicts with a desire to do good, drop in (literally) from above and find touching, funny and inventive ways to save the family and restore justice in time for Christmas Day.

  • Prisoner of Second Avenue

    Lyceum Graphic map of new york - Prisoner of Second Avenue

    31 January – 8 February 2020

    Prisoner of Second Avenue - by Neil Simon

    Economic meltdown and urban angst create the perfect setting for a Neil Simon comedy.

    In a Second Avenue apartment with paper thin walls, Mel has been sacked, his wife is sacked too, they are robbed and his psychiatrist dies.
    Mel follows the only path he can think of … he has a mental breakdown. But this bleak picture is painted by the master of New York comedy, so it’s not all going to end up as bad as it sounds!

  • A Life

    Lyceum Photo - A Life

    27 March – 4 April 2020

    A Life - by Hugh Leonard

    A bittersweet Irish comedy that begins in the 1970s and slips back to the 1930s to see a man reflecting on a life that was not well lived.

    Drumm is reaching the end of his days and he’s beginning to see that he has not been as kind as he could have been, even to his devoted wife, who has always seen something more than his sharp sarcasm and sardonic responses.

    Looking back over 40 years, (we see the four main characters as young people, as well as old!), Drumm begins to understand the consequences of his past behaviour

  • Holiday Snap

    Lyceum Photo - Holiday Snap

    29 May – 6 June 2020

    Holiday Snap - by Michael Pertwee & John Chapman

    Classic mistaken identity set in a Portuguese timeshare villa will get you in the mood for your summer holidays.

    Holiday rep and expat Commander Chittenden seems  completely oblivious to the fact that two couples have been double-booked into his villa.

    When they begin to mistake each other for the servants and their adulterous tendencies come to the fore, inevitable plot twists make for an hilarious night out.

Lyceum Theatre Oldham is located on the lower ground floor of the Lyceum Building, 95 Union Street, Oldham

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