Oldham Histories Festival

Oldham Histories Festival 2019:  September 9th - October 5th

for more information and events booking please telephone 0161 770 4654 or email

September Activities

  • 9th Sep. Family History Advice
  • 9th - 20th Sep.Mayor's Parlour and Silverware Tour - weekdays only
  • 9th - 21st Sep.From Waterloo to Peterloo
  • 9th Sep - 5th Oct. Ben Brierley
  • 10th Sep, Made in Oldham
  • 11th Sep. A Stroll along the Oldham Panorama
  • 11th Sep. Alexandra Park Walk
  • 11th Sep. Family History Advice
  • 11th Sep. Saddleworth Historical Society
  • 12th Sep. Building Stones of Oldham
  • 12th - 15th Sep. Holy Trinity, Waterhead
  • 13th Sep. Daisy Nook Canal History Walk
  • 13th - 15 Sep. St. Margaret's Church, Hollinwood
  • 14th Sep. Castlefield Roman Forts
  • 14th Sep. Oldham Microscopical and Natural History Society Open Day
  • 14th Sep. Moorside & District Historical Society Heritage Day
  • 14th Sep. Origins of Everyday Things
  • 15th Sep. Failsworth Cemetary Walk
  • 16th Sep. World War One Servicemen from Moorside
  • 16th Sep. Writing Life Storioes
  • 18th Sep. Alexandra Park Walk
  • 18th Sep, Peterloo - the Aftermath
  • 19th Sep. Oldham Lyceum
  • 19th Sep. Saddleworth Gone but Not Forgotten
  • 21st Sep. Daisy Nook Canal History Walk
  • 21st Sep. Oldham From Above
  • 21st Sep. Waterloo to Peterloo
  • 21st Sep. Werneth Parl Walk
  • 21st - 22nd Sep. Christ Church Denshaw
  • 21st - 22nd Sep. Christ Church Friezland
  • 22nd Sep. Castlefield Roman Forts
  • 23rd Sep. Family History Advice
  • 24th Sep. Roman Rd. Independant Methodist Church
  • 25th Sep. Mills Reborn
  • 25th Sep. Family History Advice
  • 25th Sep. Oldham Town Centre Ghost Walk
  • 25th Sep. George St. Chapel
  • 28th Sep. Holy Trinity, Coldhurst
  • 28th Sep. Shree Swaminarayan Temple
  • 30th Sep. Peterloo

October Activities

  • 1st Oct. Conscientious Objection in Oldham
  • 1st Oct. Activism in the Archives
  • 2nd Oct. Oxfam in Oldham
  • 3rd Oct. Women Citizens Association
  • 3rd Oct. The Red Cross in Oldham during the Fist World War
  • 4th Oct. Activism in Oldham

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