Apparently, Kebabs are big in Germany; and as they're big around these parts too - German Doner Kebabs are coming to Oldham.

How do we know this? We visited Get Oldham Working, where we met the owner of 6 of the UK's GDKs who is now opening one in the former Orange phone shop and adjacent corner premises in Oldham High St, opposite McDonalds and was at GOW recruiting - also they've had a sign in the window for some weeks while working on the place.. However a slight mishap has delayed their opening; the collapse of a roof - as evidenced by the scaffolding currently filling the entrance to the arcade right next to the premises, but better it happened now - than after the opening.

GDK at GOWGDK Oldham Staff on at Get Oldham WorkingGerman Doner Kebab boss doing recruitment at Get Oldham Working

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