Covid-19 Updates


1856 cases of the Covid-19 virus have been confirmed in Oldham to date.
Prior to a jump on 2nd July, the daily increase in recorded cases in Oldham had been in single figures for 37 days.
The number of new cases recorded for each of  the last ten days are:  2, 2, 0, 650, 12, 7, 3, 4, 12, 11

There have been 12 new cases in the last 24hrs.

Graph of confirmed cases in Oldham and Manchester bsince April 2nd.

Graph starts 2 April and is updated daily.
The RED line is the number of confirmed cases in Oldham.
The Dark BLUE Line above is the number for Manchester which has double the population of Oldham. 

The latest advice from Public Health England and the NHS regarding the COVID-19 outbreak can be found here: Current NHS Advice ►

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